There is a place for all of us at Gods table and here at Open Table Ministries we offer a range of ministries and outreach programs to support, navigate and journey with people from all works of life as they discover an inclusive God. 


Project Whanau

Project Family

'God sets the lonely into families' Psalm 68:6

 There are many families who are loving and accepting when an LGBTQIA+ member comes out but sadly, this is not the reality for others.

Project Whanau is all about seeing Psalm 68:6 come into fruition. Our heart is to connect Christian parent figures who are affirming, with LGBTQIA+ members who have not been accepted by their own families.

Project Whanau is all about fostering and creating a safe space to connect the lonely with affirming families and allies. This works like a buddy system, we pair people up and they simply connect and do life together! it can be as easy as grabbing coffee, go to the movies and be invited to Christmas.

​If you would like connect with this program by creating a profile as either a family or you're in need of a family, click the link below. ​