Open Table Ministries is simply a bunch of humans who acknowledge that we are imperfect and who are on a journey of discovering a God who welcomes us at his table. 

Community Culture 

Be. Belong. Believe.

Our culture is to create safe spaces where people have the ability to be themselves. - When you connect with Open Table Ministries, there is no requirement of change. 

Our hope is that through being yourself that you will feel a sense of value and belonging.

Our Goal is to restore humanity back to a loving God. Our prayer is that through being yourself, feeling a sense of belonging, That you would one day come into a place of believing in Jesus.


Our desire is that one day you would take him as your personal Lord and Savior and in doing so, develop a relationship with a God of love and grace! 

From the start...

We Created Open Table Ministries when we were struggling to find a community where we could feel safe and find belonging. Our Goal is that through this ministry you too can feel encouraged and find a sense of hope to be all that God has called you to be.


Where we are at present...

This Past year, We got quite political and went to Parliament and had the privilege of challenging them on a number of issues such as: Seeing the harmful practice of Gay conversion therapy banned in our nation. Challenged Cabinet on how we do same-sex adoption and surrogacy.  ​

To the future

Our plan is to formalize our ministry and pushing our 'Project Whanau' movement. 

Long term we would like to plant an Evangelical affirming Church with the LGBTQIA+ Christian in mind with various ministries which cater towards Christian living.


The Church I See... 

The Church I see is one who truly lives out her purpose as the bride of Christ.

The Church I see is one where she truly loves, welcomes and affirms the stranger and the lonely.


She's a place of restoration. A place where you can find what it truly means to live honest and free. A place where there is no expectation. A place where you can live guilt and shame free. - A "Come, just as you are" attitude.


The Church I see is one where there is no requirement to change or be changed. A place of true acceptance, love and grace! A community of ordinary, imperfect people who journey with people no matter how hard or messy things get. A culture that fosters a healthy atmosphere of honesty, grace and unconditional love.


The Church I see is one that changes lives and shows the LGBTQIA+ Community that there is a God who doesn't hate them or have bitterness towards them but rather a God who loves and welcomes us all at his table without expectation.


Our hope is that we would build a community that reflects the true heart and nature of Christ.

- Ryan Curran-Pacquing

Senior Pastor

Such a wonderful, accepting church that genuinely cares about the well-being of people

 - Jennifer

This is an awesome Ministry for LGBTQI+ People who want to feel accepted by God. This is a great place where I always feel valued, encouraged and welcome. - Ryan & Jerome have been an awesome source love and inspiration. They always encourage me that I have a place at Gods table and that he welcomes me, Just as I am!

- Joshua

Open Tables is an incredible ministry for those who want to connect with like minded LGBTQIA Christians. The Leadership always make me feel welcomed and valued.

- Ariana